Do you need to improve your business? Do your customers want greater certainty? Do you want lower costs? Do you know you need to change but are not sure how to.

I can help you
  • get clarity and understanding of how well your work is working
  • be clear about the purpose of your business and how well you deliver it
  • give yourself and your customers certainty in your performance

This will reduce costs and drastically improve performance at the same time!


I am a Chartered Engineer, a Chartered Quality Professional and a Systems Thinker. I have a MSc in Strategic Quality Management. I have delivered significant change and improvement into public and private sector organisations. These have been led from front line staff, with managers as enablers, delivering radical cultural shift and improvements.

I work with you and your staff to get the best from them to deliver your companies purpose, helping you see the things that have been getting in the way of doing a good job and removing them.